Monday, April 23, 2012

Ditch your “EX”... Find your “X”

It has been a long time that I have really had some time to myself. Running from here to there, after and behind things, living through ups and downs...Gosh life is hectic! Strange as it may seem but I finally managed to find some time for me on a crowded APSRTC bus on the roads of Hyderabad.
You plug in those noise isolation ear phones, immerse yourself in the lyrics of your favourite song, add to that the cool breeze on a summer evening ...doesn't matter you are in a crowded bus with chaos around...thoughts and memories come flooding back!

The thought of the day is Ditch your “EX”... Find your “X”!

For those of you who have loved and didn’t get anything in return this is your mantra! You haven’t lost anything... In fact you gained a lot...saved a lot of time, energy and money. Kick that “Ex” outta your mind and begin the hunt for the new “X”.

The “X” may be a new GF/BF, new passion, new hobby, new fantasy or a new desire. Find it, Pursue it and Nail it.

No longer will you wait for that lonely message in the day, No longer will you feel the pain of unreturned calls, No longer will you stalk him/her on FB and no longer will you get depressed thinking of your “Ex”. Swallow the bitter pill and Move on. There is plenty available in the market.

Initiate the change and you will feel a whole lot better. Discover the joy in talking with your family more often, feel the love and care of your mom again and experience the warmth of your dad!

Channelize your energy into your work/studies and in no time you will find success kissing your feet. Find some new friends...Hangout...Party...Go to movies...In short...Get a life!

Become the master of your whims and fancies again. Do the things you loved doing but haven’t done in a long time. Hit the gym...Join a dance class...Learn to play the guitar...Pamper yourself...Splurge money on You... You should be the King/Queen in your life!

Be spontaneous...Live life as it comes...Take it in the stride!

The sooner you ditch your “Ex” and find your “X” the better.

The search has well and truly began!

P.S. A compilation of self motivating thoughts on a journey from Secunderabad to Madhapur in the crowded APSRTC Bus No. 10H.