Friday, June 13, 2014

How to get a N.O.C for transferring your vehicle to other state?

If you are planning to move to a new place in a different state in India and are planning to take your vehicle along, you would need a No Objection Certificate (N.O.C) from your RTO jurisdiction. Before going any further let me clarify that, you do not need to take N.O.C for transferring your vehicle to a different place within the same state.

The process for obtaining N.O.C. for transferring your vehicle is a cumbersome one as it involves getting various approvals from different agencies. I recently had to shift from Hyderabad (residing at Madhapur) to Gurgaon and wanted to take my bike along with me there. For the benefit of ‘Mango People’, I have listed down the steps that you need follow to get your N.O.C within a week.

Pre – requisite: Things you will need to get N.O.C
  1. Original RC
  2. ID proof
  3.  Local address proof
  4. Xerox copies of Insurance, Pollution clearance certificate

Procedure to be followed:
  • Obtain traffic clearance certificate: In order to obtain a traffic clearance certificate, you need to write an application to the DCP, traffic police Hyderabad for issue of N.O.C from a traffic perspective. In the application you have to write the name of the place you are shifting to and also mention the details of your vehicle (i.e. most of the details mentioned in the RC). Along with this application attach your ID proof and Xerox of RC. Go to the traffic control room at Lakdikapul (Near West side signal) and submit your application at counter no.2. The person there will take your application, verify if you have any challans pending. If there are no challans pending he will issue a traffic clearance certificate. You do not need to pay anything here and the N.O.C will be issued free of cost. The process will take about 30 minutes.
  • Obtain a police clearance certificate: In order to obtain a police clearance certificate, you need to write an application to the DCP, central crime station, Cyberabad for issue of N.O.C from a police perspective. Along with this application attach your ID proof, Address Proof and Xerox of RC. Now take your application and submit it to the nearest Meeseva centre. Your application would be submitted online at the Meeseva centre and you would be given an acknowledgement receipt. Here you need to pay a total of 135 rupees as the charges for issue of N.O.C. You can track the status of your application online at the Meeseva online portal. Once your application is approved, you can collect your police clearance certificate from the Meeseva centre where you submitted your application. The official timeline for issuing the police clearance certificate is 7 days. However, I got my certificate within 3 days.
  • Apply for N.O.C. at R.T.O:   Fill up Form 28 in triplicate and attach 1 rupee revenue stamps on each of the forms. Take a pencil print of the chassis number on each of the three forms. Along with Form 28 in triplicate attach your ID proof, Traffic clearance certificate, Police clearance certificate, Xerox of RC, Insurance and Pollution clearance. Go to R.T.O at Attapur in Mehdipatnam and get your documents verified by the administrative officer. After this go to counter no. 4 and submit your application. Here you will have to pay a total of 85 rupees as charges. You need to carry your original RC as this has to be submitted along with your application. The applications are accepted between 11-1 pm and the N.O.C will be issued on the same day between 4-5 pm.
P.S. I followed the above procedure and got my N.O.C. within 5 days without paying any bribes. Have a little patience and All the best!

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to me :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

A ‘Friends’ among ourselves

I am not an avid watcher of the American sitcoms, but of the few that I have watched, Friends has been ‘The Best'. The story of Friends revolves around the lives of six friends, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Rachael and Phoebe who live in Manhattan, New York.

In the midst all the people who live in Hyderabad, we are six friends who are having the time of their lives in Madhapur, Hyderabad. We have our own versions of Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Rachael and Phoebe. Let me take you through them.

L to R: Umesh, Supreet, Swati, Susmita, Bhavesh, Mohit

Chandler (a.k.a Bhavesh): Bhavesh is a master in financial analysis. He is known in Hyderabad for his sarcastic sense of humour and can come up with the weirdest of PJ’s when you least expect them. His luck with women is as bad as it can get. He has or atleast has had problems talking with women and ends up being just friends with them, let alone dating them. (probably he likes it that way :P)

Joey (a.k.a Umesh): Just like Joey, Umesh loves food! (A guy from Netherlands said:  This guy can eat insane amounts of food at Barbeque nation!) Flirting comes naturally to him and he attracts girls towards himself like a magnet. He is the most care free person you will meet in the whole of Hyderabad and at times talks some serious stuff.

Ross (a.k.a Supreet): This guy is just obsessed with ‘Physics’. He goes around explaining physics of how things happen to just about everyone. He is geeky, lovable and good at heart though a bit impulsive at times. He has lost count of the number of times he has been on and off relationships, but still wants to be in one.

Monica (a.k.a Susmita): She is best friends with Rachael and acts like the mother hen of the group. This girl is obsessed with cleaning her room and wants it not just to be clean but to be ’Monica Clean’. No one teases her that she is fat, but she herself tells us every other day how she is getting fat and wants to reduce weight. By the way she is also a good chef.

Rachael (a.k.a Swati): She is the youngest in the group, is a HR consultant and a wannabe shopping consultant. She is childish and her favorite pass time is gossiping.  She is a master of all the tantrums (nakhras) that a girl can throw at you.

Phoebe (a.k.a Mohit): He is the male version of phoebe in our group. Just like Phoebe sings ‘Smelly cat Smelly cat’ our Mohit sings ‘In my head, In my head...Zombie Zombie’ in the most pathetic manner. He is good at heart and has conflicts with our Ross ‘n’ number of times on a variety of topics. He is an epitome of eccentricity and as our Chandler says “inhone toh logon ko frustiyane mein Ph. D kar rakhi hai”.

We also have a Gunther (a.k.a Shashank) amongst us. He makes brief appearances and rarely speaks anything.

P.S. Just to clarify... Our Monica is not fat. I am too scared of her :P

Dedicated to the residents of #402, Manikanta Residency and #102 SVP Nilayam