Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flashback Happens

You are sitting on a chair, in the darkness, staring out into the moonlit sky, trying to draw out a skew figure connecting the stars. If this has ever happened to you then you are in either one of the situations below:
  • Completely ‘Vella’…and have nothing to do.
  • Lost in the thoughts, thinking of someone.
  • At a junction of life, where you don’t know what to do.
  • There is a slow sad melody playing in the background.
You are looking into the sky, seeking out to the messiah to help you. You stare at complete blackness, unknowing of what path to take. Your mind wanders, at its will, memories flow and then FLASHBACKS HAPPEN.

I met two of my old friends, after probably a gap of 10 years or so. We hadn’t met each other in a long time, hadn’t been in touch, didn’t even have each other’s numbers and were just friends on Facebook. 

In December, 2011 we had a reunion, met each other’s friends and formed a little group of our own. We were kids back then, each of us now grown up adults standing on their own feet, ready to enjoy their newly found freedom.

We worked hard, but partied harder! Hung out with each other in whatever free time we had. Life was a breeze in the fast lanes of Hyderabad.

It started with a ‘legendary’ (Yes! that’s the word) party @ Kismet, The Park on New Year’s Eve. A night, on which, we drank till we couldn’t stand any longer and danced till we dropped dead. I barely remember anything else. 

We used to hang out @caffe latte, a kinda ‘how I met your mother like place’. A place where, we talked all sorts of crap, took out all our frustrations, spent all our hard earned money and above all a place for every occasion especially on Karoke nights.

We explored almost all the cool places but in the end I loved the late night parties @ Adi’s and my own den. Here were two places that were home to the greatest ‘nautankis’ of all times.

There were sudden plans and each one was instantaneous and legendary in itself. Whatever the destination, Club 8, Rush Sports Bar, Spoil, Airport etc. (I just can’t remember them all) all of them have an epic story to tell.

Three of them stand out though.
  • The night in Spoil, on which ‘Chumpi’ scored a DJ and ‘Poo’ took on the DJ.
  • The night on which ‘Chumpi’, ‘Prabs’, ‘Suppu’ and ‘Pranu’ went out for a night bike ride. We flouted all rules, performed stunts and took the police to task. (I can’t explain further)
  • My B’Day celebrations in Airport with ‘Chumpi’. I have never had a better one in my life.
We stood up for each other, took care of each other, formed a little world of our own and were happy living in it. Today, we are separated by distance, though our hearts are bound by the thread of friendship. We sit in different parts of the country/city and when we close our eyes…It all Flashes Back.

At this very moment, I remember and miss
  • ‘Chumpi’, for all the bossing around she did, for all the ‘nautanki’ she did, for making awkward all the situations we were in, in short for being herself.
  • ‘Yash’ for being the cool daddy of our group. For taking all the tensions on himself. But dude, we kinda loved/hated you being senti now and then and crying ‘what am I doing with my life’.
  • ‘Prabs’ for the sheer hot and awesome chick she thought she was and actually was. For how she managed to do ‘nautanki’ without being high. And that famous dance step of her.
  • ‘Adi’ for the care free, performer of the year guy he was. Never cared a thing about the crap we did! 
  • ‘Nehi’ for the bringing the hyderabadi flavor in us. For showing us what a pro she was in everything.
  • ‘Poo’ who loved all of us so much, that she came from as far as RJY to party with us.

P.S. Sentiyapa on a day where I missed being with each and every one of you. :)